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Samui’s First Freelance Marketplace

The tropical island of Samui is one of the most wonderful places to live in Thailand. With its paradise-like layout and stunning natural sights and sounds, this location makes it easy for people to feel truly at home when they live here.

However, Samui is home to many people who, rather than find employment, would rather make a business for themselves. Such innovation is to be applauded, but finding a business in any industry can be tough. From tour guides to DJs and musicians to plumbers, Samui is home to many locals and expatriates that move out here to enjoy the sun-kissed experience it provides.

Revolutionizing the Samui Employment Structure

If you count yourself amongst this growing group of experts living on Samui, then finding employment is necessary. At SamuiXpert, you’ll get all the help that you need to truly integrate yourself within the community and enhance your chances of finding genuine, long-term – even permanent – employment.

Set up to be the perfect starting point for all English speaking residents living or operating on Samui, this can work as the perfect job listing. As the first of its kind in the region, this makes it easy for you to finally get your name out there and to find easy employment. The elite level of professionalism and understanding of quality, procedure, and process can help you stand out from other competitors on the island – this is why, with SamuiXpert, you no longer need to lag behind and struggle to make a comfortable living using your expertise.

Whether you serve as a freelance handyman, cleaner, plumber, electrician, barman, entertainer, dancer, planner or anything else that you can possibly offer the Samui community, you will be welcome here.

If you are living on Samui and are finding it hard to get work or to build a reputation, SamuiXpert will make that easier than ever before. We can help all foreign or English-speaking residents to find quality partners who speak their language and are more used to the high standards expected of them. This makes it easier for you to get your name out there and also to ensure your clients no longer need to be left disappointed by poor output.

Change Your Work Situation with SamuiXpert

This site is set up to be entirely free to use for both freelancers and employers. With completely free registration and no commission whatsoever taken on our part, this is a service that is made to ensure you get all the help that you need in finding quality work or hiring quality assistance. We don’t like the idea of making people pay for bidding and finding assistance, so everything that you do – from locating and hiring to bidding and working together – comes without any financial requirement on our end.

Using this could not be any simpler, either. With a user dashboard that gives you all the information that you need on a single page, this allows you to look at projects, determine the success or failure or projects, manage payment, get statistics and analysis and manage projects with ease.

You also get to work with favorite sections to make sure you can always get access to the freelancers you love, sifting through an ever-growing number of potential candidates for any task. Negotiation on terms for any contract is handled in a discrete and professional manner, too, making it easy for you to find an amicable volume of payment that suits everyone. It’s so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you got by without it!

For all freelancers who are interested in joining up with SamuiXpert, you can do so today. All you need to do is make an account and use the easy to work with profile manager to help create listings for the service(s) that you can provide to anyone on the island.

Know other freelancers who are looking to expand their influence and sphere of work? Then refer them to SamuiXpert today and you can be given five credits to use in-store quickly and easily. Credits allow for you to get assistance for jobs around the island without having to directly pay for it yourself. If you want to help other entrepreneurs get the same opportunities that you have, then send them to SamuiXpert today and bolster a growing industry for freelancers and professionals looking to make a difference!

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